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What is Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta Encapsulation is the process of carefully and lovingly processing, dehydrating, and then encapsulating your freshly birthed placenta for consumption.  Doing so bridges the loss of hormones and nutrients the placenta was providing. After birth, a woman’s hormones change quickly. There is a severe drop in estrogen and progesterone. For many women, the sudden loss of hormones and the depletion of nutrients has adverse physical and psychological effects.

Placenta Encapsulation offers a  bridge to help facilitate postpartum healing.

The placenta holds amazing nutrients and hormones that facilitate healing from pregnancy and birth. The placenta can help replace vitamins depleted during pregnancy such as iron and B6 as well as regulate hormones such as oxytocin and prolactin.

Placenta pills are taken shortly after giving birth, and can be taken during a woman’s menstrual period or during menopause. Mothers who ingest their placenta report less incidences of post­partum depression, and research shows that placenta encapsulation can help milk supply*.

Some of the benefits of Placenta Encapsulation Include:

  • Noticeable increase in energy
  • Hormone balance
  • An increase in lactation with an enriched milk supply
  • Decrease in postpartum bleeding
  • A good source of supplemental iron
  • Help with insomnia, sleep disorders, and overall better  sleep
  • Defense against postpartum depression due to regulated hormones
  • Faster healing of tissue

Placenta Encapsulation Services: $275- $350

We offer placenta encapsulation services in your home or in our private workspace. We have two methods we can use to encapsulate your placenta, and you can add on  a tincture, salve, or essence.


Fresh Preparation Placenta Encapsulation Method: The fresh preparation method preserves all of the placental hormones and nutrients for ingestion, and is the most popular placenta encapsulation method. This method is reported to bring on healing and recovery more quickly, with a greater burst of energy.


This method begins with an overall health check and cleaning of the placenta. We then prepare your placenta for dehydration in your home, where the placenta will dehydrate for 12 hours. After dehydration, the placenta will be ground into a fine powder and placed into capsules for consumption.

A placenta usually makes between 150 – 175 capsules depending on size.

Traditional Chinese Placenta Encapsulation Method: This method is over 5000 years old and involves steaming the placenta in warming herbs to create a broth that will be consumed by the mother. This practice draws on the philosophy of balance between Yin and Yang. The placenta is steamed in order to balance the cold energy (Yin) created by the empty space left in the uterus after birth. Infusing the placenta with warm Yang energy created through steaming helps to restore, nourish, and balance the mother’s body.

This method begins with an overall health check and cleaning of your placenta. Your placenta is then steamed with warming herbs: lemongrass, ginger, and spicy green pepper. The herbal bath simmers for an hour and produces a delicious broth you may drink or consume over rice.

After the broth is created, the placenta is then prepared for dehydration and encapsulation in your home, following the process above.

Additional Services:

Essence: $50 | Tincture: $99 | Salve: $50


Essence or Tincture: Placenta Essences or Tinctures are created by steeping placenta in a flavored, high proof alcohol. An essence is steeped for one day, the tincture is steeped for six weeks. They are then strained and bottled for occasional use during menstruation or menopause. This is a potent, long-term way to preserve your placenta.

Placenta Salve: Is a nourishing body cream created from oils, vitamin e, aloe, shea butter, coconut oil and bee’s wax and a piece of your placenta. Placenta salves are excellent for:  stretch mark and scar healing healing, anti-aging and for overall radiant, rejuvenated skin.