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Mamas! This is why some pumps don’t seem like they’re pumping enough. Or like you’re not producing enough. NOTHING will be able to pull as much milk as your baby. Way cool.

“I know this video has been posted before but it’s always so fascinating to me to see. In this video you can see the two different types of suck a baby does while feeding.

1) that peristaltic wave motion with the tongue when baby is nursing in the suck-swallow-suck pattern

2) that quiver tongue motion. This is what baby is doing towards the end of a feed when most mamas assume baby is sleeping at the breast and try to remove baby and baby gets upset and tries to latch again. This quiver motion is what baby uses to help break up the fatty milk and remove it from the duct walls so that they can stay fuller longer, satiate their hunger, and grow. This is why lactation professionals tell you to “watch the baby and not the clock”. If we remove baby before they complete this type of suckle, they end up hungry again shortly after feeding.

Not sure if baby is asleep or doing this quiver suckle? Do some breast compression. Baby will either continue suckling (meaning they were still eating and we can help with this process by massaging the breast to help remove the fatty milk for them) or baby will unlatch, let the milk pool in their mouth without swallowing or let it drip out of their mouth- this means the baby is done eating.                                                                                   (Thank you for posting and passing this along, Tara!)