Our Philosophy

At Connected Birth we believe that pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period are transformational times that hold immense potential and meaning that are different for each individual and family. Our goal is to help you connect with yourself, your partner and your baby in order to fully embrace this powerful moment in your family life through childbirth education, labor support and new mom's talk groups.

Connect With Yourself

What is happening in my body?
What coping mechanisms might work?
What hopes and fears do I have?

Connect With Your Partner

How can we communicate our needs to each other?
What special attributes does my partner bring to the birth and parenting experience?

Connect With Your Baby

Nutrition and excercise during pregnancy



The Connected Birth Team

I bring to my work a unique combination of skills in counseling and teaching. I believe that by purposefully approaching birth as a prepared couple, women and their partners can experience empowerment, joy, and fulfillment – no matter how
the child ultimately enters the world.

I have an appreciation for the natural process. This has been my
philosophy as a chef, an environmental consultant, and especially now as a childbirth instructor and doula. It is my hope to guide you through the fascinatingjourney that is pregnancy and arm you with all the information and support needed to have your best birth.